2012 Tournament Team Results

Record 8-7
Record 14-6
Record 30-3
Record 23-8
Record 10-16
West Norriton
East Norriton
Lancaster Barnstormers
Towamencin Tournament
Upper Merion Tournament
3-4 L to Whitemarsh
8-3 W over Towamencin
12-5 W over the SFX Huskies, NY
6-2 W over Hatfield
L to Norristown
9-2 W over Glenside
12-6 W over Plymouth Wildcats
8-0 W over the HCYP Raiders, MD
5-3 W over Souderton
12-4 W over East Norriton
12-1 W over Whitpain
6-5 W over Mason Dixon Ruffnecks, PA
9-14 L to Central Perk
L to Phoenixville
4-8 L to Upper Providence
1-4 L to Audubon
5-2 W over Team All America, Pittsburgh
17-0 W over Towamencin
Districts at Kimberton
Districts at Kimberton
West Norriton
ECTB Allentown
6-5 W over Central Perk
4-3 W over Audubon
L to Springford
7-1 W over Cheltenham
20-0 W over Team Xtreme
Upper Perk Tournament
3-4 L to Springford
W over Methacton
12-1 W over Lower Merion
24-3 W over Lehigh Valley Prospects
2-7 L to Souderton
11-3 W over Methacton
W over Phoenixville
12-4 W over Oreland-Wyndmor
16-1 W over Breaker Boys
10-0 W over Palmer
W over Audubon
L to Springford
4-3 W over Oreland-Wyndmor
8-0 W over Doylestown Ducks
10-5 W over Upper Doublin
10-11 L to Phoenixville
3-2 W over Audubon
13-1 W over the Lehigh Valley Prospects
14-2 W over Souderton
States at Phoenixville
13-15 L in 7 to Daniel Boone
5-8 L to Lower Gwynedd
Districts at Kimberton
1-2 L to Harleysville
7-8 L to West End
5-16 L to Audubon
13-3 W over Audubon
Districts at Springford
8-2 W over Methacton
2-0 W over Springford
16-1 W over Phoenixville
4-7 L to Audubon
4-5 L to Audubon
18-3 W over Upper Merion
0-4 L to Springford
8-3 W over Springford
13-3 W over Audubon
6-7 L to Springford in 7
Harleysville Tournament
6-7 L to Springford in 7
4-18 L to Audubon
Upper Merion Tournament
8-4 W over Audubon
5-3 W over Central Perk
States at East Brandywine
14-9 W over Springford
L to Springford
6-5 W over Quakertown
6-1 W over Lehigh Valley
16-2 W over Springfield
States at Audubon
12-0 W over Forest City
19-10 W over Hilltop
1-4 L to Stonersville
Conshey Tournament
13-3 W over Cumberland Valley
13-0 W over Central Perk
4-1 W over Audubon
W over Flourtown
2-18 L to East Brandywine
States in Springford
11-1 W over Lehigh Valley
6-2 W over Audubon
18-1 W over Liberty
6-5 W over Douglasville
L to Roxborough
1-13 L to East Brandywine
11-1 W over Lehigh Valley
11-7 W over West End
Upper Merion
11-0 W over Delaware Valley
18-8 W over Springford
3-12 L to the Nova Nats, VA
11-4 W over Hilltop
9-2 W over New Oxford
Hatfield Tournament
4-11 L to the Hudson Rampage, NY
13-1 W over Narberth
11-1 W over Waynesboro
11-1 W over Montgomery
0-34 L to the Arsenal, NJ
8-0 W over Whitemarsh
12-2 W over Springford
11-3 W over Pennridge
1-13 L to the Williamsville Bandits, NY
Regionals in Hopewell
14-4 W over Exton
2-17 L to Team D, CA
3-2 W over Hickory Valley
11-6 W over Plymouth
20-4 W over the Milton Nationals, MA
13-6 W over North Buffalo
3-8 L to Warrington
8-1 W over the Port Washington Legends, NY
4-0 W over Bayonne
Regionals in NY
10-11 L to the Auburn Legends, NY
13-12 W over Cherry Hill
10-5 W over Maryland
4-7 L to Hickory
8-1 W over Colonie, NY
ECTB Allentown
5-4 W over Ridley, PA
10-3 W over Schuylkill Coal Crackers, PA
7-6 W over Lou Gehrig, NY
13-1 W Southern Tier Thunder, NJ
0-13 L to Piedmont
15-0 W over East Strousberg Caviliers
15-7 W over the Lehigh Valley Prospects
5-8 L to Triple Threat Bearcats