2013 Tournament Team Results

Record 7-11
Record 9-5-1
Record 19-3
Record 17-7
Record 13-9
Springford Tournament
Springford Tournament
Bensalem Tournament
West Chester Dragons Tournament at PECO
Districts at Kimberton
4-6 L to Springford
5-15 L to Upper Providence
9-4 W over Warwick
4-7 L in 7 to the Doylestown Tigers
10-3 W over Springford
9-6 W over Whitpain
12-2 W over BYC
11-7 W over Neshaminy
6-5 W over the Chester County Bobcats
13-3 W over Upper Merion
8-6 W over Harleysville
4-4 Tie to Hilltop
1-0 W over Upper Makefield
14-4 W over the URA Indians
7-5 W over Springford
4-15 L to East Brandywine
Harleysville Tournament
10-9 W over Warwick
6-3 W over the Triple Threat Bearcats
Harleysville Tournament
Districts at Kimberton
11-1 W over Daniel Boone
5-4 W over Langhorne
10-4 W over the Chester County Bobcats
6-17 L to Audubon
3-13 L to Audubon
13-8 W over Pennridge
Districts at Kimberton
Upper Perk Tournament
6-0 W over Upper Perk
10-0 W over Methacton
4-3 W over Souderton
19-2 W over Phoenixville
10-0 W over Quakerstown
13-2 W over Audubon
4-9 L to Springford
7-4 W over Harleysville
16-3 W over Upper Merion
10-0 W over Whitmarsh
6-1 W over Upper Perk
Harleysville Tournament
10-5 L to Central Perk
6-1 W over Audubon
8-1 W over Upper Perk
3-5 L to Whitpain
15-18 L to Warrington
Districts at Springford
10-7 W over Audubon
10-0 W over Boyertown
States at Springford
13-11 W over Upper Providence
8-2 W over Methacton
Upper Merion Tournament
3-2 W over Upper Perk
12-1 W over Liberty
7-17 L to Central Perk
14-0 W over Upper Merion
16-3 W
Districts at Springford
11-0 W over East Brandywine
States at Springford
1-11 L to Springford
9-8 W over Audubon
1-8 L to Audubon
10-0 W over Lehigh Valley
4-3 W over Cumberland
8-11 L to Audubon
0-5 L to Audubon
12-2 W over Phoenixville
2-1 W over Ingomar
16-6 W over East Brandywine
Upper Merion Tournament
12-2 W over Audubon
12-0 W over Upper Merion
3-4 L to Springford
1-12 L to Audubon
3-2 W over Audubon
States at Douglassville
10-11 L to Audubon
3-7 L to Daniel Boone
18-3 W over Upper Merion
0-3 L to Douglasville
Unionville Tournament
9-10 L to Santa Barbara Riptide, CA
11-12 L to Springford
6-13 L to Springfield
15-2 W over Lehigh Valley
8-3 W over Brookline
4-7 L to Sacred Heart Angels, NJ
Unionville Tournament
22-3 W over Valley View
6-0 W over East Norriton
1-16 L to Eastern Mass All-Stars, MA
6-8 L to Springford
9-3 W over New Oxford
2-0 W over Brandywine
4-6 L to Orchard Park Thunder, NY
6-8 L to Langhorne
1-2 L to East Brandywine
5-3 W over Hilltop
18-6 W over Team AB, NH
12-5 W over Spring Township
Aston-Middleton Tournament
0-2 L to Unionville
2-13 L to Heater, CA
16-0 W over WC Rattlers
States at Audubon
17-7 W over South Shore Chiefs, NY
5-3 W over the Exton Thunder
16-0 W over Liberty
7-5 W over Port Washington Legends Blue, NY
10-0 W over the Legends
2-12 L to Audubon
9-16 L to J Town, NJ
11-1 W over Lower Perk
5-8 L to Ingomar
13-0 W over Lehigh Valley
1-5 L to Springford