2011 Tournament Team Results


Record 14-8
Record 19-6
Record 17-2
Record 3-5
Record 19-6
East Norriton Tournament
10U Ridley Tournament
Upper Merion Tournament
Upper Perk Tournament
Upper Merion Tournament
2-10 L to Lower Gwynedd
7-18 L to Rosetree
11-1 W over Plymouth
6-9 L to Upper Perk
13-3 W over Audubon
12-6 W over Flourtown
3-9 L to Ridley
40-0 W over Methacton
16-5 W over
14-4 W over Douglasville
10-16 L to Upper Providence
16-7 W over Delco Thunder
10-4 W over Springfield
2-12 L to Audubon
10-0 W over Whitemarsh
9-3 W over Philly Bobcats
11-7 W over East Norriton
Upper Merion Tournament
18-7 W over Lower Merion
4-2 W over Audubon
6-13 L to Llanarch Hills
10-0 W over Hatfield
12-2 W over Lower Merion
Upper Perk Tournament
13-2 W over Methacton
East Norriton Tournament
Harleysville Tournament
5-10 L to Audubon
27-4 W over Souderton
L to Springford
5-3 W over Audubon
4-6 L to Springford
30-15 W over Aston Valley
2-5 L to Boyertown
L to Audubon
11-5 W over Harleysville
11-3 W over Whitpain
16-15 W over Souderton
Daniel Boone Tournament
3-2 W over Lower Gwynedd
12-1 W over Southern Lehigh
3-12 L to Phoenixville
6-2 W over Spring Township
11-1 W over Kutztown
2-4 L over Towamincin
10-19 L to Springford
11-9 W over Audubon
13-0 W over Lower Merion
Upper Merion Tournament
12-7 W over Springford
4-14 L to Boyertown
6-3 W over Douglasville
15-0 W over Brookline
12-5 W over Audubon
3-6 L to East Brandywine
14-1 W over Nor Gwyn
7-5 W over Springford
11-2 W over Methacton
6-1 W over Upper Providence
11-0 W over Hatfield
6-8 L to Audubon
1-6 L to Douglasville
13-6 W over Audubon
15-2 W over Taney
11-1 W over Springford
11-10 W over Springford
12-2 W over Aston Middleton
10-7 W over Audubon
11-1 W over Upper Adams
8-2 W over Drexel Hill
16-6 W over Audubon
4-5 L to Springford
15-0 W over Upper Merion
4-6 L to Douglasville
12-0 W over Phoenixville
9-4 W over Pine Forge
5-3 W over Langhorne
11-8 W over East Brandywine
2-9 L to Springford
14-4 W over Lehigh Valley
11-1 W over Southern Chester
Deep Run Tournament
3-2 W over Audubon
15-3 over Forest City
16-5 W over West End Blue
12-2 W over Fairless Hills
3-9 L to Springford
12-2 W over Bermudian
19-1 W over Douglasville
10-0 W over Warwick
L to Springford
10-0 W over Audubon
13-3 W over Neshaminy
5-0 W over Douglasville  
6-5 W over Langhorne
10-7 W over Warwick
14-5 W over Audubon
7-6 W over Deep Run
13-0 W over Whitpain
4-6 L to Piedmont, DE
12-2 W over New Oxford
5-15 L to Clifton Park, NY
18-8 W over Delaware Valley
3-10 L to Richmond, NY in 9 innings
7-6 W over Springford in 8 innings
7-4 W over Monroe, NJ



8U Girls
10U Girls
16U Girls
Record 6-4
Record 4-2
Record 7-5
Audubon Tournament
W over Springford
1-18 L to Central Perk
9-14 L to Central Perk
L to Audubon
7-6 W over Pine Forge
6-4 W over Upper Merion
W over Langhorne
16-3 W over Pottsgrove
6-2 W over Central Perk
L to Drexel Hill
0-10 L to Central Perk
11-1 W over Levittown
Drexel Hill Tournament
Kimberton Tournament
7-6 W over Levittown
L to Audubon
14-4 W over Upper Merion
Kimberton Tournament
W over West Gate
4-2 W over Central Perk
17-12 W over West Norriton
W over Douglasville
2-12 L to Upper Merion
L to Audubon
16-6 W over West Norrition
Kimberton Tournament
6-13 L to Upper Merion
19-8 W over Springford
20-10 W over Unionville
18-3 W over Valley, NY
4-10 L Millville, NJ
4-12 L to Upper Merion




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