2016 Tournament Team Results


Record 6-9
Record 12-5
Record 9-8-1
Record 16-9
Record 26-6
Bucks County Bash Upper Merion Tournament Districts at KYAL Upper Merion Tournament Districts at KYAL
10-2 W over Harleysville 15-2 W over Deep Run 17-7 W over Upper Merion 13-3 W over Upper Perk 10-1 W over Audubon
12-13 L to Bensalem 16-10 W over Upper Merion 4-7 L to Springford 6-2 W over Upper Merion 10-6 W over Springford
12-7 W over Warwick 8-7 W over Whitpain 8-5 W over Audubon 11-1 W over Springford 9-1 W over Methacton
0-10 L to Hilltop 13-6 W over Whitpain W over Springford 11-0 W over Springford 9-8 L to SF in 8 innings
Districts at KYAL Districts at Springford 8-3 L to Springford 8-7 W over Upper Perk 19-5 W over Springford
14-15 L to Audubon 8-7 W over Audubon Upper Merion Tournament Districts at Springford Upper Merion Tournament
16-12 W over Methacton 13-3 W over Upper Merion 6-0 W over Lower Merion 7-11 L to Methacton 7-1 W over Daniel Boone
17-3 W over Springford 21-2 W over Springford 8-14 L to Devon/Stratford 17-1 W over Springford 13-3 W over Phoenixville
7-17 L to Audubon 0-9 L to Audubon 14-4 W over East Norriton 23-1 W over Upper Merion 13-5 W over Upper Perk
North Penn Tournament 4-8 L to Audubon 7-21 L to Brookline 12-8 W over Methacton 15-2 W over Upper Perk
13-2 W over Audubon Harleysville Tournament Upper Perk Tournament 9-10 L to Audubon States at Springford
6-7 L to Pennridge 11-1 W over Deep Run 7-13 L to Muhlenberg Upper Perk Tournament 18-1 W over Daniel Boone
9-19 L to Springford 10-13 L to Audubon 3-9 L to Upper Perk 8-3 W over Central Perk 10-3 W over Iron Horse
States at Springford 8-1 W over Pennridge 1-0 W over Mt. Airy 15-5 W over Souderton 7-2 W over Methacton
7-6 W over North Middletown States at Audubon States in Waynesboro 12-2 W over Boyertown 10-0 W over Cedar Cliff
3-13 L to Upper Allen 11-1 W over North Pocono 6-4 W over Waynersboro 12-1 W over Quakertown 11-1 W over Delaware Valley
6-12 L to Minooka 10-2 W over Lehigh Valley 2-8 L to East Brandywine 10-20 L to Towamencin 10-6 W over Springford
7-15 L to East Brandywine L 2-1 W over Cumberland States at Audubon Regionals in Marlton, NJ
  14-3 W over East Brandywine 0-5 L to Lower Dauphin 3-2 W over Cedar Cliff 22-0 W over Ithaca, NY
  0-1 L to West Perry in 8 Harleysville Tournament 12-3 W over Upper Allen 6-2 W over Marlton, NJ
    8-8 T vs. Boyertown 2-4 L to Iron Horse 10-0 W over Mt. Airy, MD
      11-1 W over Lehigh Valley 9-6 W over Mt. Laurel, NJ
      8-7 W over Audubon in 7 6-10 L to Marlton, NJ
      L to Iron Horse NELL Tournament
      Regionals at Audubon 17-0 W over Sacred Heart, NJ
      2-12 L to Towamencin 18-0 W over W. Chester Dragons
      3-11 L to Spring 8-3 W over Sacred Heart, NJ
      6-7 L to Lou Gehirg 5-4 W over the Delco Express
      L to Audubon Cooperstown
        0-13 L to Arlington Storm, VA
        2-0 W over South Shore Sharks, NY
        13-26 L to Auburn Legends, NY
        6-5 W over Marlton Dukes, NJ
        13-8 W over Nutley Raiders, NJ
        8-23 L to Mid Atlantic Shockers, MD
        22-0 W over Cooperstown Maskots, NY
        3-10 L to SJ Elite Orange, NJ



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