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We lowered the cost of T-Ball to $75. You must by April 1st to register for T-Ball.
All other divisions are $95 to play with a family max set at $250.

If you have questions about the league please click this link to few our Frequently Asked Questions document!



20 years ago Rich Sim, volunteered to be the president of Kimberton Youth Athletic League. Since then the league has grown into one of the most respected youth organizations in the area thanks in large part to Rich’s leadership. Rich has touched so many people’s lives in our community creating many memories for a lot of our area’s youth. Anyone that knows Rich well will tell you he’s a kind, thoughtful man with a huge heart. 

Rich stepped down as President of KYAL this year. All of us appreciate all the hard work and dedication he put into KYAL over the past 3 decades. It will be weird not hearing his voice over the louder speaker asking everyone to rise for the playing our our National Anthem, or “All teams must have an adult representative in the snack bar before your game will begin.” It will be bizarre not seeing him in the dugout with the 12 year old tournament team during the summer or practicing for the annual Cooperstown trip. 

Although we’ll miss his leadership both as the League’s President and the 12 Year Old Tournament coach, luckily, we’ll still see Rich at the fields everyday at 4:00 in the spring coaching his beloved Pirates. 
Rich, we can not thank you enough! Thanks for making KYAL a great place !


Congratulations to the 12's for winning Districts, the Upper Merion and NELL Tournaments and the State Championship!

Congratulations to the 9's and 11's for winning the Upper Merion Tournament!


Major Boys Playoffs

Congratulations to the Braves for winning the 2016 Major Boys Playoffs!
Dylan Panella pitched a complete game shutout and hit a HR to lead the Braves!



Ages 9-12 - Cost $35 - Registration due in by June 22nd

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Registration Form .................... Game Time Schedule ................................FAQ Sheet


All Coaches MUST now complete a free online concussion training course. The course will take about 30 minutes. You must print your certificate and hand it into Rich on draft night. You can access the course under the Coaches Resources tab on the top of the website or by CLICKING HERE.

All Coaches MUST also have their background check completed in the online system. If you did not coach at KYAL in 2015 you must complete the checks via our website.

Monday, June 20th General Membership Meeting CANCELLED
Monday, June 20th - 24th Baseball and Softball Camp at KYAL
Phoenixville Baseball Camp

Phoenixville Camp - July 26-28 - Ages 8-13 - 9 AM thru 3 PM - Cost $100
Register online by clicking here.

Concussion Fact Sheets
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